About our church

Established in 1877

The Church of the Holy Spirit is located on Bay Parkway and 82nd Street in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and belongs to the larger family of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island. It was established in 1877, where it originally served a primarily English-speaking congregation.

Due to the increase of the population of Asian American immigrants in the area, a new Chinese ministry was started in July 1993. Rev. Peter Lam was appointed Priest -in-charge, taking care of the English- speaking congregation and the new Chinese-speaking parishioners. Starting from humble beginnings, we have expanded to a steady congregation of dedicated parishioners, diverse in age and ethnicity. Rev. Peter Lam served the church for 28 years and retired on June 30, 2021. Rev. Walter Wai Lun Lau to be our Priest-In-Charge from July 1, 2021.

Each Sunday, we offer a trilingual Eucharist in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English at 11:00 a.m. In addition, there are noon day prayers from Monday to Friday during the week. We are a family-oriented mission church and there are activities for all age groups. We have Sunday school for children and teenagers, youth fellowship, women’s leagues and interest groups for adults and seniors.

You are welcome to join our church and become our member. We invite you to enjoy our hospitality and participate in our supportive fellowship.



靈風堂是位於在布碌崙賓臣墟Bay Parkway 並82街, 它是屬于聖公會的長島教區. 靈風堂始建 於1877年, 最初主要是為英語信徒服務.

隨著亞裔移民人口在這個社區逐漸增多, 從1993 年七月起, 中文傳道事工開始在這個教堂服務. 林彼得牧師被任命在靈風堂裡負責照顧英語並 新的華語教友. 感謝上帝的帶領, 現在我們教堂 有穩定的不同年齡, 不同種族的教友會眾. 林彼得牧師為教會服務28年, 並於2021年6月30日榮休. 劉偉倫牧師於2021年7月1起出任本堂主理牧師.

每個星期天在上午十一時, 我們提供三種語言 的崇拜, 包括廣東話, 國語和英文. 在週一至週 五, 有午間祈禱. 我們服務是面向整個家庭, 為家庭裡的每一個不 同年齡階段的成員提供不同的活動. 我們有主日 學提供給兒童和少年, 青年團契, 婦女部以及適 合成年人和年長者的多個興趣小組.

非常歡迎你們來到我們的大家庭成為我們的一 份子. 誠邀你們來享受我們的熱情款待和參與 我們的靈修團契.

the episcopal church of the holy spirit

8117 Bay Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11214